Pestilent Punk Performance Post

Witnessing the development of a band is something special. More often than not I’m turned on to bands that have existed and established their sound over the course of years and years. By no means do I essay to suggest that artists can’t change courses despite a reputation. I guess what I am saying isContinue reading “Pestilent Punk Performance Post”

Mod Night at Sun Tiki Studios

As far as I am concerned, the hallmark of a truly talented performer is the ability to alter a performance to suit the tone and entertainment needs of an audience. We can plan, rehearse, and predict to the best of our abilities but there will come a time when the forces of nature hold youContinue reading “Mod Night at Sun Tiki Studios”

The Return of Portland Punk

As someone who is relatively new to the unrivaled treasure of the Portland music scene, I find myself constantly reacting in awe to the performances that grace our local stages. Regardless of crowd size, every band, artist, and/or performer gives it their all. You see familiar faces at each show supporting one another and forming,Continue reading “The Return of Portland Punk”

So many killer shows this weekend — it’s a Festivus Miracle!

Rejoice, music lovers, because this weekend offers a bounty of shows to choose from — so many that, unless you know a mystical way to bend the laws of time and space so that you can be in more than one place at the same time, you’ll probably need to make some difficult choices. FridayContinue reading “So many killer shows this weekend — it’s a Festivus Miracle!”

File Under: Better late than never — #PortlandStripped at Sun Tiki Studios, Friday, Nov. 26, 2021

Sun Tiki is my local. It’s close by, within walking distance, which is kind of important when the temperature drops. More importantly, thought, Sun Tiki Studios has emerged as a venue that consistently presents adventurous bills featuring some of the greater Portland area’s best local bands, in intriguing combinations. So I go to a lotContinue reading “File Under: Better late than never — #PortlandStripped at Sun Tiki Studios, Friday, Nov. 26, 2021”

Thursday shows

The Veteran’s Day weekend promises some solid shows in Portland and, really, there’s something for everybody. Over at the Sun Tiki Studios, they’ve got the Rhythm & Babes showcase. This pop bill features Sydney The Singer, Hannah Harleen, Brit Martin. Sydney the Singer is the stage name for Sydney Choate, from Richmond, ME. She’s beenContinue reading “Thursday shows”

Vapors of Morphine and Muddy Ruckus

Saturday, Nov. 6 at the Bayside Bowl Morphine was one of those bands that elicited far more than its share of those, “Holy shit, what was that I just heard?” moments from anyone who caught them for the first time. A three-piece outfit that featured drums, bass and a baritone sax, they put out aContinue reading “Vapors of Morphine and Muddy Ruckus”