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Portland, Maine is home to a vibrant music scene, filled with talented musicians. There are plenty of places to find out about the big acts that are coming through town. That Portland Sound! is where you can find out what’s happening on the smaller stages around town. Write-ups, reviews, features, video and more – it’s all here. That Portland Sound! is your home for local music in Portland, Maine and beyond.

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Saturday Night Rock: FonFon Ru’s Record Release Party

For my money, your best rock value, pound for pound, is at the Space Gallery Saturday night, with the FonFon Ru record release party — four bands, no waiting: FonFonRu, Ossalot, Kal Marks and That Hideous Sound. That’s a helluva show. Three tracks from FonFon Ru’s new record, Collapse of the Silver Bridge, are up…

For Mike Rivard and Club d’Elf, It’s All About the Groove

In the end, it all comes down to one thing: the groove, or whatever you might wanna call it. The beat. The rhythm. The feel. The vibe. You know it when you feel it. When it’s locked in, it can be transcendent. And that transcendence, that stunning sense of revelation, is what bass master Mike…

Pestilent Punk Performance Post

Witnessing the development of a band is something special. More often than not I’m turned on to bands that have existed and established their sound over the course of years and years. By no means do I essay to suggest that artists can’t change courses despite a reputation. I guess what I am saying is…


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