Live music in Portland – so many choices, so little time on Friday, Nov. 12

What is it with the Portland>Poughkeepsie connection?

A Poughkeepsie band, What Makes Sense, is at Geno‘s tonight, and tomorrow night another band from Poughkeepsie, Spud Cannon, is headlining a trio of power pop indie rock bands at Sun Tiki Studios.

Poughkeepsie, NY’s Spud Cannon, playing at the Sun Tiki Studios in Portland, Maine on Friday, Nov. 12

Spud Cannon put out a record, as in vinyl, back in June, and it’s jammed with tasty little indie power pop tunes, a lot of which they’ll probably play tomorrow night. Between now and then thought, if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, go check out their website, where you can play their video game. The object seem to be to pick up the various band members with your shopping cart while avoiding the potatoes that pop up throughout the digital landscape. We probably spent more time than we should have playing it, but hey, what’re you gonna do, right?

Rounding out the bill is a pair of Portland bands, the Bumbling Woohas, and The House Flies.

If their Bandcamp catalog is indicative of anything at all, it is this: Woohas offer a fascinating take on the indie power pop sound. Never boring, and ranging far and wide through the indie rock landscape, they may not have their own video game but if you’re looking for that that tuneful garage sound, they’ve got what you need

The cover of the latest from Portland, Maine’s The House Flies

The House Flies are an indie rock quartet, with a bit of a garagey, surf-type feel to their stuff. They put out a five-song EP back in July called, “Songs for Worms,” and the opening tune, Lilac, is pretty damn catchy. Get there early to catch ’em, because they’re the opening act.

Speaking of surf, if that’s your thing, then you’re not gonna wanna miss the show at Geno’s, where Friday night is Tiki Night, featuring Boston’s Tsunami of Sound, The Gamma Goochies, and Kinky Slippers. WMPG DJ Matt Little will be spinning some tunes, too.

Tsunami of Sound

Tsunami of Sound, appropriately enough for Tiki Night, is a hardcore surf band. What else do you need to know? Reverb rules.

Also on the bill, Portland’s retro-garage vets The Gamma Goochies, who Maximum R&R once mentioned in the same breath as The Sonics and the 13th Floor Elevators, which ain’t bad company to keep.

But tempting as those two sets are, you don’t want to miss the first act: Kinky Slippers, aka The Booty of Portland, to help kick off what Kinky’s calling Kinky November.

Kinky Slippers is a burlesque performer based in Portland, Maine. She has been featured in over 50 shows in Maine, as well as virtual productions around the country and in the UK. She has produced 15 live and virtual productions, including the co-production of Build-Your-Own Burlesque: a virtual experience where the audience votes to create their own unique burlesque experience.

The Apohadion is featuring an evening of experimental pop with Baby Baby, Strainer, and the (New England) Patriots.

Baby Baby, from Providence, RI, lays down a synth-pop sound, lotsa keyboard and drum machine action, and they’ve got a knack for crafting infectious grooves that worm their way into your head. Check out their Bandcamp page, where they taking pre-orders for their cassette release: Baby; Baby: Explores the Reasons Why that Gum is Still on the Sidewalk.

The (New England) Patriots, outta South Portland, open the night. The (New England) Patriots call themselves an experimental pop band. Check out their Bandcamp page and see what they mean.

If jazz if more your thing, then you’ll wanna head over to Blue to catch Cilla Bonnie. Bonnie’s a bass player, singer and songwriter. Over the past 15 years she’s played, toured and recorded in numerous projects in Maine, Boston and Los Angeles.

She put out out her fourth release, ‘August’ a few months ago and says her music is, “blend of R&B-inspired groove and structure similar to Radiohead. In addition to her solo project, Cilla currently plays bass for Boston-based soul artist Ali McGuirk.”

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