It’s an embarrassment of musical riches tonight in Portland

If we weren’t gonna be at the Vapors of Morphine show tonight at Bayside Bowl — and make no mistake, that’s where we’re gonna be – it’d be a tough call where to go, because there are some kick-ass shows happening around town tonight.

Dana Colley blows sax with Vapors of Morphine.

First, Sun Tiki Studios is rolling out a garage rock lineup that will blow you away. The folks at Sun Tiki have been presenting some stunning bills lately, but tonight is really something special: Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems, with Portland’s own Tiger Bomb, and The Desires opening.

Let’s start with Tiger Bomb, playing in the middle of the bill tonight at Sun Tiki. We caught these ladies ripping it up one night at Geno’s, in the Before Time, when they were opening for that dude who used to be the singer for TSOL back in the day.

It was one of those shows that wasn’t really on our radar screen at the time; we just walked in because it looked like it might be fun. And, boy howdy, was it. Tiger Bomb was truly something to behold.

Our autographed copy of Tiger Bob’s Uproar

We had no idea what we were in for. Tiger Bomb took the stage and proceeded to slam through tune after hook-filled tune, with plenty of rockin’ backbeats, tight harmonies and full-on rock attitude. It was a helluva set. After they wrapped, and before the TSOL guy came on, we hit the merch table to pick up a copy of their latest release, Uproar, which lived in our CD player for about month or so after the gig.

Now, one of the cool things about going to shows at smaller clubs is this: you can buy the vinyl, cassette, CD, or t-shirt and know that 100 percent of the dough is going to the band. Hell, more often than not, you’re handing your cash over to a band member.

You can also get your swag signed. Which we did. Yep, we’ve got a copy of their debut CD signed by all four members, which you can see pictured above. So if you do go to the show at Sun Tiki tonight, make sure to pick up a copy of Uproar and odds are, you’ll be able to get yours signed, too.

Tiger Bomb is playing tonight at Sun Tiki with Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems, who we’ve not had the pleasure of seeing yet, but based on what we’ve heard on the internets, these two bands are gonna be a one-two punch of old-school rock cool.

The latest release from Kris Rodgers & the Dirty Gems

Rodgers and his band traffic in a sound that evokes an old-school, garage rock vibe – but that ain’t just us saying that; his latest release, “Still Dirty” came out on Wicked Cool Records, which just happens to be owned by E Street Band guitarist Little Stevie Van Zandt. If you’ve heard Van Zandt’s Underground Garage radio show, you know exactly what you’re in for with Rodgers – a blistering set of kick-ass garage rock.

Another garage-pop band, the Desires, opens the show, so get there early, kids. Wear your leather jacket, and smoke ’em if you got ’em.

Grab your tix at the door if you haven’t got ’em already.

Thems That Wait

If Stoner Metal is more your thing, then you’re gonna wanna head over to Geno’s tonight, because Thems That Wait is on the bill with a couple of other bands: Mound, and Trash Fire.

We haven’t had the chance to see Thems That Wait yet, and more’s the pity, because the stuff that’s available on their Bandcamp page shreds. These guys are riff masters. Their latest release, Stonework, is a jammed with riff after head-banging riff.

As for the other two acts sharing the bill, honestly, haven’t heard much either of them, but from everything we’ve heard from Thems That Wait, that set alone is gonna be worth the price of admission.

And, if you’re down with that folkpunk sound, you’ll probably want to head over to The Apohadian Theater on Hanover St., where they’re featuring Frankie Moon and the Dave Mathewses Band, Burlington, Vermont’s The Silent Mile and Clam Bat. Doors at 7pm.

There’s a pretty good profile of Frankie Moon here, and last year, AltPress named Silent Mile as *the* Rising Pop-Punk Band You Need To Hear From Every State in Vermont.

If only we could be in four places at once. We’d be at all of these shows

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